blink-182 – Enema Of The State


Enema Of The State
Geffen Records ‎– B0013812-01

In this first entry, I’d like to talk about one of those records that stays with you through time. It gives me the same feel today as it did 15 years ago when I first got it. But enough with nostalgia, lets start talking what we really care… music

Sound: It’s not taboo to say that records that Lord-Arge put his hands on, get really REALLY compressed and this record was one of the first I try to declip when I first start with the realization of the Loudness wars. It’s a really hot mix for my taste on CD, almost the hole record is always between -0,1 and 0 on my db meter. It’s a relief that when I got the vinyl it wasn’t as hot as I was expecting it to be. I have this mania of knowing that a breakdown of the song is about to come and it’s about to explode in my face and hurt my eyes, in the vinyl version there wasn’t a need of doing this. It was very well thought on the remix (knowing also that you can’t mix that hot on vinyl).

Dynamic Range: In this particular case the dynamic range was the winner of the “new” format of the record. Everything comes better through the speakers and you can really heard every instrument doing their thing and not this huge wave of sound exploring in front of you. Mark’s bass is a delicatessen for my ears, as I always was a huge fan of his bass sound and it’s really nice to be able to heard it very well detailed on the songs.

What I didn’t like: The only thing I can complain is that if you crank the volume up too much the distorted guitars will, well, get distorted and won’t be very pleasant to heard (Dysentery Gary).

Verdict: For a very much compressed record that was a staple of pop-punk of the early 00’s the new release it’s very well thought and done. Kudos for a really nice re-edition of this.